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First author: Dodangeh, Ehsan (poster)
Session# 107 - Learning and memory : pharmacology

Abstract# 107.8
Poster p82 - Mon 15/07, 15:30 - Hall Maillot
Ref: FENS Abstr. vol 1, A107.8, 2002

Author(s) Dodangeh E. (1), Hajikhani R. (1), Alaei H. (2), Esmaili M. (2) & Jafari M. (2)
Addresse(s) (1) Dep of Physiol, Azad Univ of Abhar, Iran; (2) Dep of Physiol, Faculty of Medicine, Isfahan, Iran
Title Effects of the abstract of oliban on learning and memory.
Text Learning and memory have an important roles in human and animals. Disorder of learning and memory is one of the major health problems in human life. Drugs used in this regard are synthetic and have serious side-effects.
To determine the effect of the abstract of oliban on memory and learning this study was done. In one way active avoidance learning method an animal was given 10 s to enter the safe box, otherwise it received a electrical shock (0.9 mA), as an unconditional stimulus. The major criteria for assessment of learning was the number of times in which the animal received no shock as a part of learning. The average of latencies is a measure of retention which were analyzed by krushal wattles non-parametric test.
Injection of hydrolic abstract of oliban with concentrations of 2%, 5%, 10%, 15% and hydroalcolic 5%, 10% increased the velocity of learning and consultant memory 20% and 30% respectively (P<0.05).
As the hippocampus is one of the most important centers in learning and memory especially the memory consolidation, it can be concluded that the abstract of oliban probably increases the conduction of sensory signals in the synapses of hippocampus.
Theme Cognition and behaviour
Animal cognition and behaviour / Learning & memory: Pharmacology

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